Privet Session

Session with Riki KiTARO

  • Do you wish to change your own future?

  • Do you have enough courage and inner strength to hear the truth?

  • Are you fed up of behaving like an ostrich bury your head in the soil?

  • Do you want to change the way you think and behave?

  • Do you feel now is the right time for a change in your life?

  • Are you ready to listen to what people who are important to you, really think about you?

If you’ve answered “YES” to at least three of the above questions. You are ready to meet Riki KiTARO.

Meeting with Riki is an intimate and intense experience, for she is able to read your past, your present and your future. When you meet with Riki, you do not reveal any details about yourself—you do not reveal your birthday, and she doesn’t even need your name. You do not ask or touch anything.
During the session she will talk about EVERYTHING and because of this you must be prepared to meet with Riki.

From her point of view:

Knowledge is power!

If I know what is going to happen I can change it!

It is in within our power to change our own future!

Knowledge is power and we can change and rule our own future! 

The meeting with her can sometimes be difficult or even unpleasant. Riki talks about everything in your past, present and future. She will take you to your past and will talk about the bad experiences you had passed-(like traumas, illnesses, accidents etc). Then she will move on to talking about the present – the things that you are staked in, your actual condition, etc. She then takes you into your future by telling you what you should or should not do. She will give you advices in any field in life and she will talk of the people surrounding you. Therefore, you have to be ready to hear the good as well as the bad.

When you meet her, you must be in the mind-frame of listening to everything she has to say and to understand that you can actually change the future.

Riki believes that 98% of what she sees, you can change by the tools she gives you throughout the meeting.
Riki does not hide any details and does not spare her words.

At the end of the meeting with her you leave with the knowledge and directions on what to do and what not to do – DOs and DON’Ts, what is and isn’t worth while, priorities in general, and every detail that can help you to grow and advance, and give you the power and courage needed to confront everything (past, present, and future).

Riki is obliged to tell you everything she sees. It is up to you to do with this information what you please.

Riki is not a lawyer, she is not a physician and she doesn’t hold any academic title. Everything you will hear while meeting her is her perception and therefore no claims can be made.

The meeting is for consultation, it’s a one hour long session.

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