SEER, The Book

SEER, A Quest In Search of Destiny

The new released book 

In her lectures – “In Search of Destiny”, following her book – “SEER, A Quest In Search of Destiny”. In which she unfolds her unique life story, tormented yet interesting, describing the path she has walked until she became what she is today, for thousands in Israel and abroad as a mentor. Riki adapts herself to any audience, in Hebrew or English and gives a chilling and thrilling experience as she explain, what she calls “the daily practical use of mysticism”.

In her book, “SEER”, Riki Kitaro reveals her life story based on her childhood experiences, from being raped at the age of seven, a serious car accident that nearly ended her life to the many other experiences she underwent throughout her lifetime.

Like a Phoenix, the legendary firebird, she got up from the rubble and ashes  of her life, together with help from her “friends,” as Ricky calls them, brought her back to life and to what she is well known today, for many of us  – a good model and inspiring human being and mainly as a mentor and teacher of life.

This remarkable book of courage and insight examines all aspects of our lives – from family, relationships between partners, interpersonal relations, financial management to internet and social networks- drawing conclusions and learning about priorities, thinking, communication and more. She conveys these in her unique course, called “Kitaro’s Toolbox” which she herself developed over the years.

As Riki says- “How limited our time is and how fast the years pass”. We have time, but not much, to change, explain, teach and learn to put the past behind us and enjoy and act in the present, in the here and now so that we can create a better life in the future.

Riki Kitaro is a psychic medium, Para-psychologist and personal trainer, mentor and teacher of life. In her unique way she developed over time and combines her various skills to diagnose, direct and guide people. All this, while relying on her special abilities and rich life experience

The Hebrew version “ROAH” of the book can be porches in book stores in Israel :קיטרוריקי/רואהריקיקיטרו.html


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