“A Quest in Search of Destiny” – The Lecture

The main focus of the lectures is “why we should want to know” for as she explains to the people coming to her “knowledge is power. If we know what is going to happen we can try and change it, for ourselves and for our loved ones. In those cases where we can’t change we can take the time to prepare and never look back and say ‘o…if I only knew’ or ‘if I only had more time…’”.

Riki’s own life story is a fascinating one, difficult and intriguing. Confronting death, dealing with lost and pain – all these experiences allow her now to stand in front of people and by their side and give them the knowledge that will help them to carry on.

The lecture like her live, is a thrilling, touching mixture of emotions, tears and laughter.

She gives hope and strength to many and her verbal skills enables her to reach people through any medium be it an on stage lecture, Television or radio show.

In her lectures, she often discusses many differences depending on who the audiences are. In general, it starts with an introduction about Ms. Kitaro to the audience and her lectures on mysticism, her own view and philosophy on mysticism. Then she interacts with the audience. This is when Ms. Kitaro uses her extraordinary talents such tarot reading, receiving information from the dead and her counseling skills and provides the audience emotional well-being by relieving them from effects of past experience, suggesting remedial or corrective actions, assisting in making better adjustments and in planning life goals. (Rabbi Joseph Potasnik Executive Vice President -New York Board of Rabbis)

We would like to share this genuine and special experience with you, a different kind of experience, one you will not forget, a revealing, eye opening lecture. We wish to share Riki Kitaro’s life experience with you.

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