Riki assists the police

Riki assists the Israeli police in two major cases.


A decade ago, on December 23rd 2006, the Israeli police were embarrassed, almost humiliated. Benny Sela a dangerous rapist, sentenced to 35 years in jail for 15 rape cases. He managed to escape prison and for two whole weeks the police and citizens were anxiously trying to find him. The police had no clue where he was hiding and where to find him.

Riki was the first psychic ever, to be documented on TV, predicting the exact day and place where the fugitive rapist, Benny Sela will be caught. One week prior to his arrest, she was asked if she had any idea where he was hiding and when he would be caught. It was on her friends radio show (that by chance was filmed as a pilot for a TV show), Riki was asked and answered that he would be caught on the following Friday in Naharya (a northern city in Israel a few miles from the border with Lebanon). Then she talked it over on her radio show, asking people to be alert. That was the exact day and the exact place where he was found and caught by alert citizens and the police. That was the first case.

Link to channel 10 news, regarding Riki’s part in the catch of Sela:



The second case Riki was asked for help, was during the same week as the fugitive rapist Benny Sella escaped from prison, where another crime was committed- a murder of a young girl at a school. Riki was involved, by the police, in the investigation of that murderer case of the 14 year old girl, Tair Rada, in Quatzrin.

Link to the documentary movie – Only Tair knows

Riki meets Tair’s mother:


  • Articles from a decade ago – The police admitted that Riki assist in those two cases.

  • One decade after Benny Sela has been caught, and put back in jail. An article named – “Benny Sella is more intimidating then war” was published, reviewing the case and Riki’s part in that event. November 23rd, 2016

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