Riki in the Media


She was the first psychic, to be filmed on TV, to predict the exact day and place where the fugitive rapist, Benny Sela will be caught. She was asked one week before the event and she answered, that he will be caught on the next Friday in Naharya (a northern city in Israel). That was the exact day and the exact place where he was found and caught by the police.

She was also involved, by the police in investigation of the murderer case of the young 14 years old Tair Rada, in Quatzrin.

In Israel, US and in the UK, she took part in the media, both printed and broadcasted, as a guest or as a part of professional panel in many T.V. and radio shows.

  • For several months, she had a permanent segment on the Channel 2 morning show “Reshet in the morning with Efrat Reiten” (Channel 2 is the most popular television channel in the country).

  • For half a year, she appeared in the Israeli Satellite show “The Experts”.

  • She performed on cableTV, channel 8, in the series “The Personal Sense” with famous actor and comedian Tuvia Tzafir.

  • Other TV appearances include 5 documentaries.

  • Ann episode written specifically for her, as part of the popular sitcom called “Johnnie”. .

  • As well she performed on reality shows: “The beauty and the geek” , “The Settler”, “The Unit”,

  • The Maestro” with Zvika Pick the world known Israeli composer (wrote the wining Eurovision song – DIVA.

  • Applause” on the channel 24 the Israeli music channel.

  • On May 2017 she takes part in the series “Swaggers” produced by “Yes” the Israeli satellite channel.

  • The professionals” – the morning talk show on channel 10 on the Israeli national TV, she was booked every week till 2013. Then she kept performing on that channel in other morning talk shows.

Riki has been interviewed many times and has been written about in many articles in the countries two best-selling dailies and magazines mostly about her work as well as for her humanitarian and community work:

  • La-Isha” (Israel’s no. 1 women’s magazine) and its additional publication in the Russian language.

  • Olam Ha-Isha” The second large Israeli women magazine.

  • Yediot Aharonot” and “Maariv” – the countries two best selling dailies, and more.

  • She had the honor of being interviewed every year in newspapers in order to give an annual prediction. Some of the things she had foreseen have already been realized, whereas others are happening right now, whether it is in the political arena, domestically and globally, in the field of natural disasters, and other events.

She has performed regularly on the national radio;

  • on the Fridays late night show “Shishi Ishi” with Zeev Anar and Moshik Timor.

  • Amnon Pe’er’s late night radio show on thursdays.

  • As well as on the popular regional radio channel “Non-stop Radio 103FM” broadcasting from Tel Aviv. “Radio north” 104.5 FM and Radio Tel Aviv 102FM.

  • In two other big radio stations in Israel’s northern district, including Radio Haifa 107,5FM & 99.5FM where she has her own regular broadcast.

  • This broadcast achieved such a high rating; her radio show is very popular even she has audience in Europe and the US. This show has won Riki Kitaro the city’s honor presented to her by Haifa’s Mayer Mr. Yona Yahav, for her humanitarian activities, for the northern population in general, for the poor and for her struggle against urban violence..

  • In the states she was on The Joey Reynolds Show on WOR

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