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Riki Kitaro’s - biography  By - A. Scott Galloway

What would you pay to be able to change your future? What price could be placed on maximizing the remainder of your years?

Life dictates that no one can change their past. Yet, according to Riki Kitaro, Israel’s most popular and esteemed Psychic Consultant, you can control your destiny…once you are open to facing the unvarnished truth of the life you’ve already lived. This is the gift that Riki Kitaro offers one and all – a life-altering encounter like no other you will face in your lifetime.

Riki Kitaro is a self-described Parapsychologist – a colorful “unconventional witch” in possession of the rare abilities of mind-reading and extra sensory perception. She is also a tarot reader and can “comprehend messages from souls in the afterlife.” Sound far-fetched? Ms. Kitaro (now in her mid-`40s) has earned the trust of thousands around the globe! From bringing an Israeli woman that doctors had given up on back from a coma to channeling information that reunited a New Orleans boy and his family separated by Hurricane Katrina, she’s performed strings of miracles for grateful souls. From providing critical early medical advice to pointing marriages back in the right direction, Ms. Kitaro has assisted a multitude in a myriad of ways.

“I am not a medium,” she says, defining her gifts. “I am a messenger. I get my information from cosmic forces and from ‘cartomancy’ with tarot cards through my personal technique.” Further detailing those “cosmic forces,” Kitaro continues, “A spiritual world exists parallel to the world that we perceive as real. This world has answers that no amount of technological development can supply. The powers can be harnessed and used to help individuals understand why their lives are as they are.”

Over 13 years of intensive experience and service is what Riki Kitaro brings to the table. She was a featured guest on TV programs in Israel such as “Talk of the Day,” “Good Morning with Efrat Ryten,” “Personal Sense” and “The Experts.” She had an extensive waiting list of people wanting to consult her and organizations inviting her to lecture. Most famously, she hosted her daily “The Riki Kitaro Show” on Radio Haifa in Israel from 2004-2005.

Danny Nishlis – Owner/GM of Radio Haifa – shares, “During what was initially a ‘mysticism show,’ Ms. Kitaro began to deal with environmental, social and communal issues. She formed a link between people in need and listeners with good hearts willing to help. According to surveys, Riki’s show (broadcast Wednesday through Sunday at 11a.m.) became the most popular program in North Israel. Thousands anticipated each broadcast to hear her address their problems.”

Keys to Ms. Kitaro’s success are the accuracy with which she can tell perfect strangers about intimate details of their past and her completely uncompromised personal consultations. Ms. Kitaro is unflinchingly frank with anyone who comes to her in search of truth, often eliciting as many emotional outbursts as she gives herself. Yet, ultimately, Ms. Kitaro is a free-flowing fountain of caring and compassion, chasing even the most bitter information and memories with chutzpah, warmth and humor.

Her husband, Yossi Kitaro – a respected herbalist and Naturopath doctor – has witnessed many of these encounters. “People sometimes emerge from Riki’s sessions a bit shaken up,” he confesses, “but always empowered.” Ms. Kitaro adds, “Many ‘psychics’ who share my position of power try to be politically correct, all-knowing and ‘above’ other people. Not me. I am very direct! I might scream to make you understand how serious or urgent a matter is, or cry when I have to tell you something painful. But people must know the future AS IS if they truly intend to make positive change. And remember, 98% of the future can be changed!”

New York-based Producer/Writer/Cinematographer Sandi Bachom, who sought Ms. Kitaro’s guidance, reflects, “When you sit with Riki, you don’t say a word – no names, no birthdays, nothing – yet she sees ALL: your past, present and future. You don’t even have to be in the same room! My first meeting was over the phone while Riki was in London. She NAILED me, but you must be willing to hear EVERYTHING she tells you with the proviso that you can actually change your future.”

Riki has risen up from a seemingly bottomless pit of misery to become a woman of unprecedented knowledge, renown and power. Her life battles have included bankruptcy and homelessness. She has been cheated out of hard-earned monies. She’s spent 25 years in and out of hospitals and, at one point, was so depressed she attempted suicide. Ms. Kitaro confesses, “I have undergone a journey which words cannot describe so that no one can ever sit before me and say ‘you have no right to talk of other people’s pain.’ I know pain! Overcoming these things is what gives me the power to help others.”


Young Riki was raised in Netanya, Israel, a resort city one hour out of Jerusalem known for diamond exporting. She was one of four children born to loving Egyptian parents. “My father adored me,” she beams. “We were taught to share and make the best of whatever we had, opening our home to others in need.”

Riki’s idyllic childhood took the first of three dark turns when she was 7. “I was sexually abused for over a year by a neighbor,” she says calmly. “He gave me a dime every time he did it. This made money ‘dirty’ to me for years after. I was so ashamed that I cut my hands and face in self-mutilation.” She never spoke of her abuse, but life dealt her another cruel hand when, at age 11, she was run over by a car and left near-death in the street. Miraculously, the only other car on the road was from a burial society Chevra Kadisha, driven by a rabbi who was able to rescue her and take her to the hospital. How prophetic that a car used to transport the dead saved her life.

Though wracked with ailments and ostracizing hospitalizations, Riki went on to marry Yossi, birth two sons and enjoy success in several careers. But tragedy struck yet a third time. “We had three very successful clothing stores in Netanya. Then in the first war with Iraq in 1991, the market crashed and we lost everything. Though we paid our bills as best we could, we had to go into hiding, separated from our children (who lived with grandparents for a year). Bankrupt and with our egos crushed, Yossi and I went to a town where nobody knew us to start over.

All the while, Riki’s gifts were slowly coming to the surface. Reflecting on the discovery of her mystic powers, Ms. Kitaro continues, “I was sent to see a woman named Batsheba about some pain in my back. When I arrived she was sleeping but when she opened her eyes, she stared. I started complaining about my life and she said, ‘Stop it! Don’t you understand who you are?! All that you have gone through has been a test from God. I see you sitting in a beautiful room with the ability to change people’s lives for the better.’ I thought this woman was crazy!”

Batsheba went on to tell Riki that she already had “The Sixth Sense” and that she should learn palmistry. “I could see into people like an X-ray,” Ms. Kitaro states. “Then I met another teacher – a man name Gil who told me that all of my trials had been so that I would understand pain. My gift would be the ability to communicate in plain language everything a person has been through and what they need to do to have a better life.”

Once Riki began practicing in earnest, her renown blossomed, leading to the media attention and her Haifa Radio program. For over a decade she thrived in Israel, indeed living in a beautiful home and counseling a steady stream of people. The Mayor of Haifa, Yona Yahav, honored her with a proclamation stating, “I would like to congratulate you for the projects you took upon yourself for the benefit of the one and the many of Haifa. You give from your self and your time, and for that we bless you.”

By the spring of 2005, Ms. Kitaro was in negotiations for her own television show. Then in June 2005, she received a fateful message. “I was told to leave everything in Haifa and come to the United States,” she states matter-of-factly. Right away, word spread! Among her first champions was Joey Reynolds – New York Radio’s #1 Late Night Talk Show Host – whose program is broadcast from WOR-AM over 100 stations in 6 time zones, reaching 9 million listeners. “I do not normally interview psychic consultants on my show,” he states, “but Riki has proven to be an exception to that rule. I think she is a very special person and so does my audience.” Reynolds now has Riki as a monthly show regular.

Now working out of a Manhattan office (when she’s not traveling), Riki Kitaro is healing a whole new culture of clients. Describing a session, she explains, “I tell them about their past, memories back to childhood including things they don’t want to remember. Then I go into the future – if they will have money, should marry, have children, stay healthy, etc. I give them the information they need, but like the old Hebrew saying, ‘God helps those that help themselves.’ I share rules specific to the individual that help them to take the best possible care for themselves.”

Observing Americans, Riki adds thoughtfully, “People live like ostriches…lonely and consumed by fear. They don’t know how to open up and share. They don’t realize they have a problem…don’t know how other people see them…don’t know who their real friends are or even if their family truly supports them…don’t know if their mates are faithful or still find them sexually desirable. In this country, people are about the surface. They look good cosmetically, but inside they are in a lot of pain. I open their eyes!”

Riki bristles at the notion that not everyone can handle reality. “The truth can’t harm anyone! Every person should be able to face his truth and act accordingly. People come to me for help. To me, that means telling them the truth.” Above all, Riki stresses that every one must take responsibility for their future. “Never put the blame for your life on others,” she insists. “If someone does something bad to you once, that’s one thing. If it continues, you have a problem. One must never be a magnet for negativity.”

Among Ms. Kitaro’s most powerful U.S. converts is Rabbi Joseph Potasnik – Executive Vice President-New York Board of Rabbis. His personal endorsement reads, “Riki Kitaro’s skills and recognition are substantially above what we could ordinarily encounter. I strongly recommend Ms. Kitaro perform her extraordinary abilities to provide comfort and guidance not only to Jewish communities, but communities throughout the United States.”

Summing up the rewards of her efforts and ultimate mission, Riki Kirtaro concludes, “People know that I am tough – that I tell the truth with no sugar-coating. But only someone who cares will tell what I tell. I don’t do this because I am nice. I do this because it is my responsibility as the bearer of this gift. I think of others always before myself. But when I think of all the people’s lives I have changed – all the men, women and children I have empowered with the knowledge to make a brighter tomorrow – THAT is why I do this…everyday.”

(Spring 2006)

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